5 Ways You Can Help End Trafficking

  1. PRAY– This is a spiritual battle. Young people trapped in sexual slavery need your prayerful support. Aboltionists, law enforcement, clergy, and mental health professionals need your prayers for their work in identifying, rescuing, and restoring survivors. Families need your prayers to help prevent new instances of sexual exploitation.
  2. LEARN– There are many excellent books, videos, documentaries, seminars, and web resources available. Equip yourself by learning more about modern day slavery.
  3. SPEAK – There’s too much silence surrounding the topic of sexual slavery. Help bring an end to the deafening silence by talking to your friends and loved ones about what you’ve learned. Share good information about the topic on social media.
  4. PREVENT-Put down your smartphone and spend quality face-to face time with the pre-teens and teenagers in your life. Coach a sports team, lead a youth choir, volunteer with a local youth group, or offer an art class at a local youth center. Find a way to share your faith, and your gifts and talents with a young person today. We need to surround our youth with good, loving, faithful adults who are honestly interested in their well being and who enjoy spending time with them. This is one of our best defenses against our teens falling into the arms of a trafficker.
  5. RESTORE– Sexual impurity, pornography addiction, rape, and childhood sexual abuse are rampant in our culture. Begin today to seek healing, restoration, and sexual purity in your own life and relationships. Then share those resources for restoration with others. God truly longs for us all to live His plan for our sexuality. It is a plan that is life-giving and one of true beauty and authentic freedom. Let’s embrace His mercy and healing TODAY!41869267_ml

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